Chocolate-free Easter gifts

How blooming tasty is chocolate? But is it just us or do you always get stuck in a chocolate rutt at this time of year? ‘Woo it’s Christmas, what a great excuse to eat tons of chocolate’, which of course means that we’re all still chomping our way through leftovers until the end of January! Valentine’s Day comes around and we all buy chocolates in love heart shapes, buy our mum’s chocolate for Mother’s Day and then it’s Easter …

….Yup, you guessed it, more chocolate. If you’ve had your fill (we don’t blame you, we promise) we’ve created a chocolate-free Easter gift guide for children and adults!



Chocolate-free Easter gifts for children  

It’s wonderful to see kids getting all excited about a visit from the Easter Bunny at this time of year, (don’t we all love an Easter egg or two) but it’s totally understandable if you’d rather get them something that isn’t full of sugar.

Books make great presents for Children and there are lots of Easter themed picture books on the market. We’ll always have a soft spot for Spot’s First Easter (see what we did there?) but there are plenty or others to choose from.

Craft kits can keep kids entertained for hours and they’re always handy to have in over the school holidays in case it rains the entire time. Barker Stone have a range of kits to choose from that are sure to spark any child’s imagination, from (Easter) bunny pom pom kits to bookmark colouring in, you could probably have enough to keep the kids entertained for an entire week, let alone just a day.

Cute and fluffy animals seem to be everywhere at this time of year, outside and inside, in the form of adorable little teddy bears. Bears For Humanity sell teddies made from organic materials and also operate a ‘buy one give one’ scheme, where, for every bear bought they donate one to a child in need.

The Cheeaster Egg for cheese lovers 

The Cheeaster Egg for cheese lovers 


Chocolate-free Easter gifts for adults

Easter doesn’t have to just be for the kids. You’re never too old to get presents are you? Here are some ideas for people who feel like they might fancy an alternative gift to chocolate Easter eggs.

Cheese Easter eggs are apparently a thing these days, and, as far as we’re concerned, cheese comes a pretty close second to chocolate. Luckily for us, supermarket Asda have seem to have it covered. Half of cheester egg will be cheese and the other half of the box will contain crackers and chutney. NOM.

Easter usually means that spring is either just getting underway or right around the corner and so flowers would make a nice gift too. Daffys are our favourite and at this time of year from Mothers Day right through to Easter, they are spectacular. You don’t need to worry if your loved one isn’t great at looking after plants (we all know at least one person who isn’t) because you could always get some artificial ones instead. You can even get artificial daffodils from John Lewis

If an alcoholic tipple is more your kind of thing then you can even find a way to incorporate it into your Easter celebrations with this hot cross bun flavoured gin. We won’t tell if you don’t. 


Things to do as a whole family

The long bank holiday over Easter is a great time to spend some quality time together as a family. Here are our suggestions for a nice day out.

Easter is a great time to visit your local farm and visit the uber cute baby animals that have just been born, try and time it when you can help with feeding time. If your an outdoors kind of family then buy yourselves some seed bombs (like these ones from Firebox) go on a long walk, and throw them around in the hopes that some of them will take route and become flowers and plants. It’s a great way to help the environment and bring the family together. Who knows, you might be able to do the same walk in summer and see your flowers come to life.


Whatever you’re getting up to this Easter, we here at Sage and Stars hope you have a wonderful time.

james hawkshaw